IMPORTANT INFO: The Art Shed will be closed on Thursday 19th Sept and Thursday 26th Sept. We will still be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday those weeks 10.30 - 4ish. Normal hours resume in October.

The Art Shed is located at Crab Farm Winery in Bay View, Napier. It is a rustic shed with a ‘hygge’ ambience - one of warmth, comfort and friendly vibes. Everything is crafted, painted, made and designed by our growing team of artists and the range of work available makes this gallery accessible to all.

Our Story

Once upon a time I was travelling with two girlfriends and we got talking about the concept of ‘hygge’.  Hygge is a Danish word, it doesn’t have a direct English translation but is a word that incorporates an atmosphere, a feeling of a place in time.  The Danes don’t see the sun for six months of the year and so they create beauty and comfort in their surroundings by using candlelight, fire, warmth, safety, good friends, food and wine.  This concept resonated with me so deeply and I felt I needed to become more ‘hygge-like’ in my life – in every aspect of my life.  It started with hygge nights at home – technology free family evenings around the fire.  And then we got creative with our ideas…

Over the course of the next few months my husband and I discussed the idea of starting an Art Gallery, a place where people could feel that hygge warmth, where others who had created art could display it without the intimidation that sometimes comes with exhibiting one’s work.  Mostly we wanted to create a place for ourselves and our children that was safe, creative, exciting and fresh.

The biggest problem was finding the perfect location – after months of searching I took the plunge and emailed Crab Farm Winery.  I knew Crab Farm already had an amazing location, and the same sort of rustic atmosphere we were wanting. Crab Farm invited me out to view a shed that was starting to be renovated.  When I first saw this shed it was full of wood and dust and the grounds were so overgrown you had to fight your way through to get to the door.  I instantly fell in love, and what then happened sealed the deal.  I met Hamish, the owner of the winery, and he said “I knew you’d come -  I didn’t know who you were or when you would appear, but I knew you would come”.

And so it began - the process of setting up an art gallery with a difference. I have been so fortunate in meeting the artists and having them put their trust in me and this project. New artists are coming on board each week and the friendships that are developing are so special to me. The opening night was on 11th April 2019 and we have been so thankful for the support of all who have visited.